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Made in RussiaMade in Russia

All profiles and components are produced in Russia in our own production.

Production facilities are located in Moscow, where aluminum profiles are produced and completed on high-precision CNC milling equipment and punch presses, and in St. production with plasticized PVC extruders and presses for vulcanizing rubber profiles.

Contracts with the largest suppliers of raw materials - Rusal and Severstal.

CE qualityCE quality

In 2017, after an audit, Dumark received European certificates for aluminum and steel profiles, which allow it to mark its products with the CE quality mark.

All manufactured products undergo multi-stage checks for compliance with GOST and EN standards. We adhere to ISO 9001-2018 quality standards and you can be sure of the quality of the products we supply.


For us, there are no boundaries and differences in languages ​​and races. We are ready to help in solving any issue related to our line of business on all continents, no matter whether this issue concerns our products or is simply related to it.

The cumulative experience of our work in the field of expansion joints is more than 15 years, and therefore we can say for sure: you can try to describe the problem and we will find ways to solve it, because we have already encountered it at one of hundreds and hundreds of our facilities.


Anywhere in the world: Air, auto, sea and rail.

Our own logistics department will promptly calculate the cost of transportation by all means and provide all possible options.


Most companies, having worked once, stay with us forever. Our clients are the main asset of Dumark. That is why, we are especially sensitive to our regular partners and always meet halfway.


An extensive fleet of our own machine tools: laser cutting machines, punching and bending equipment, presses and extruders - we do not depend on third-party suppliers and do not outsource processing, which not only increases the production speed, but also allows you to be confident in the quality of the supplied products.

More than 90% of all components, including fasteners, are manufactured by us.

Free production facilities are used to process third-party orders performed by the production department - Dewmark metallwoking - www.dewmark-laser.ru

 Engineering staff Engineering staff

A staff of engineers and designers develops new systems and production technologies. First and foremost, we are an engineering firm in which any process must comply with standards, be it manufacturing, selling a product or consulting. You can be sure that the product offered to you is 100% consistent with your project, both from an operational and technical point of view, and from an economic point of view.

Our engineering department is constantly improving interaction with engineers and architects up to the latest design technologies, including BIM.

 Amount Amount

70 types of profiles for all possible expansion joints. 700 standard sizes of profiles for any, most demanding project.

If we don’t have something, then our engineering and design department will develop within 24 hours, and production will release, depending on the complexity, a new profile within 2 days to a month.

20 Types of Waterstops and Waterproofing Materials - the development and release of a new waterstop takes no more than one (1!) week.


There are no unsolvable problems for us, we approach each one professionally, which is why our slogan is: Manufacturer of extremely reliable solutions.


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